Verification of Identity Documents

Verification of Identity Documents

Do you need certified (officially verified) copies of your identification documents, such as passport, personal ID or driving`s license for foreign authorities or business partners? Within the Czech Republic obtaining such copies can be a problem.[1] According to the valid law it is not possible to do verification of such personal identity documents. Therefore, any notary, CZECH point or any other office authorized by law to carry out the verification will reject such request.

There are at least two options what to do. First, if you are a foreign citizen, your embassy may be able to carry out the verification. However, such services are often not available even for the extra cost that is usually connected. Second, you may write your own simple declaration of true copy directly on the plain copy your personal document, and sign the declaration in front of a notary who verifies your signature and for that purpose also your identity. Although the notary does not verify the copy of the document itself, such personal declaration of true copy with a verified signature is often sufficient for foreign entities.

Since you may need to submit the verified document abroad, it is probable that you will need to also Apostille the declaration of true copy after your signature was verified at the Czech Ministry of Justice. For that reason be sure that you have your signature verified directly by the notary or by the duly authorised or appointed notarial candidate. Verification from notary trainees (in Czech: “notářský koncipient”) cannot be Apostilled. In this respect you may find more information at the Ministry of Justice website here.


[1] Article 9 letter a) of Act No. 21/2006 Coll., on verification of compliance with a transcript or a copy of the document and signature authentication and amending certain Acts (the Verification Act), as amended, forbids verification of documents which cannot be substituted by the verified copy, namely identity card, travel documents, driving license, foreigner’s residence permit, hunting permit, securities (financial instruments),   passport or technical drawings.

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