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We are lawyers with a modern approach to our profession. We provide comprehensive legal services to corporate clients as well as individuals in all life situations. Our speciality is ICT law and the related fields such as intellectual property protection. Thanks to our language skills, we are always ready to assist you in matters with a foreign element.

Beside the lawyers presented directly on our website, we cooperate with a number of specialists in various fields that we will be happy to introduce you to if necessary. We strive to provide our services in excellent quality and in a reachable and flexible manner. We achieve synergistic effects not only through sharing our experience and expertise, but also through the wide use of modern information technologies that allow us to always be in touch within our network and with our clients. We strictly respect our professional secrecy and personal data protection. Our priority is therefore to use modern technologies not to interfere with this protection, but to reinforce it.

Thus, we achieve significant time savings for all involved and reduction of the need to travel. Everything is guided by the fundamental idea of efficiency that enables us to offer our clients the best quality/price ratio. When setting the price of our services, we are willing to take into account other than purely economic criteria. In justified cases (e.g. start-ups), it is therefore possible to agree with us on special conditions of collaboration. Our only reference is the quality of our work and a satisfied client.


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Our Team

Tomáš Elbert
Tomáš focuses on corporate, contract and labour law. His long-term passion is information technology law, especially e-commerce and DLT (cryptocurrencies and other blockchain applications). Apart from Czech, he is fluent in English and understands German.
Jiří Šimek
Jiří is an expert in litigation, unfair competition and personal data protection. He has been providing legal services, not only to IT companies, in various affaires. He gained extensive experience working in the Czech judiciary. Apart from Czech, he is also fluent in English.
Kateřina Krošková
Kateřina specializes in insolvency law, litigation, family law and criminal law. She provides legal services to both creditors and debtors in insolvency proceedings, including representation in incidental disputes. She speaks Czech and French.
Eric Witt
Eric focuses on business start-ups, immigration, taxes and arbitration regarding both French and American law, since he is a member of the bar in both countries. He teaches law and negotiation and the Anglo-American University in Prague. He is fluent in English, French and Portuguese.


ICT law

ICT law is a cardinal issue for us and a competitive advantage. Many of our clients operate in the ICT sector. We provide them with comprehensive legal services tailored to their needs. We take care of the proper setup of their legal relations with employees and subcontractors to protect, in particular, their property rights to the software products they offer. Licence, service or distribution agreements are our bread and butter. Our aim is to set these relationships so that the client is safe from any disputes. If they cannot be fully avoided, we are ready to protect his interests in judicial or other proceedings.

Corporate and Contract Law

We provide comprehensive legal services that cover both established e-commerce businesses and start-ups. We will guide you through the process of establishing a company in the Czech Republic, mergers and acquisitions or even liquidation. We make sure that your business runs smoothly from the legal point of view and help you with more complex matters such as changes of legal form or restructuring. We ensure every necessary authorisation and registration. We will introduce you to the relevant legal regulation of your business activities and will assist you in all relevant domains, including intellectual property law.

Consumer protection

We deal with cases of return authorisation (RA) in respect of both defective goods and incompetent or otherwise insufficient services (e.g. conducted tours). We specialize in protection against illegal terms of adhesion contracts with banks, insurance companies, energy suppliers, or telecommunication companies. We represent clients who fall victims to coercive, manipulative or otherwise fraudulent business techniques. We also have experience with setting up internal procedures for businesses in respect of RA proceedings.

Enforcement and Insolvency

We provide legal services both to debtors and creditors. We are ready to file a bankruptcy petition for you or register your claim and represent you in a creditors’ assembly and related litigations. We will secure the enforcement of your claims and, if necessary, protect you from bailiffs.

Litigation and Human Rights Protection

Legal representation at courts of law is our daily bread. We provide expertise also in constitutional and human rights-related matters. As such, we are ready to stand up for your rights and represent you at the Czech Constitutional Court or at the European Court of Human Rights.

International Trade and Investment Protection

We provide legal assistance in commercial matters with an international element, both in relation to the EU member states and third countries. We will guide you through the waters of free movement of capital on the EU’s internal market and in all aspects of investment protection under relevant international treaties.


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