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Legal Regulation

Our attorneys are authorized to provide legal services in accordance with the Act no. 85/1996 Coll., on the Legal Profession, as amended. Our attorneys are members of the Czech Bar Association and as such are subject to its disciplinary authority. The Czech Bar Association is also an authority for alternative customer dispute resolution in respect of provision of legal services, as defined in the Act no. 634/1992 Coll., on Consumer Protection, as amended. Please visit this website for more information.

Exclusion of Liability

We continuously strive to ensure that information on this website is as accurate as possible. However, taking into account the nature of this medium and potential risks posed by third parties in compromising it, we refuse any liability for further use of information provided on this website and reliance upon it.

Information provided on this website is of general nature, not necessarily complex, exhaustive, accurate or up to date. Information provided on this website is not based on any individual case. Therefore, this information is not to be considered a legal advice or expert advice as defined by Sec. 2950 of the Act no. 89/2012 Coll, the Civil Code, as amended. Content of this website can in no way be considered paid legal service and is in no way meant as its substitute. Shall you require legal counselling, do not hesitate to get in touch with us.


Authors of contributions published via this website express their own personal opinions. Published contributions do not represent our official position and are not legally binding. Legally binding is only an opinion of a court of law, expressed in its enforceable decision. Opinions expressed on this website cannot be used to predict courts’ decision-making. We bear no liability for application of patterns expressed through this website on any individual case.


This website may contain references to external sources, for which we bear no liability. If this content is found objectionable, it will be removed without delay.

Electronic Communication

Electronic messages sent form our servers are intended for their addressees only. If you receive our message by accident, please contact us without delay. These messages may be misinterpreted, altered and delayed, or they may contain malicious software, even though we do our best to eliminate such risks. Since such risks cannot be entirely eliminated, we suppose that everyone who communicates with us in this way, is aware of such risks and voluntarily accepts them. Shall you require further information on this matter, please contact us.

Business Contacts Database

We create a database of our business contacts in order to improve our services. This database serves our needs only. Shall you consider any information regarding you incorrect or imprecise or shall you wish to remove such information from our database, please contact us.

Intellectual Property

Content of this website is protected by copyright. Therefore, it cannot be used without consent of its authors.

Nature of Cooperation and Liability

“Advokatni.NET” is a common label for attorneys and their co-workers. Despite their co-operation neither of them represents each other or Advokatni.NET as a whole. Legal services are provided by the attorneys and their co-workers themselves who bear full liability for them. Advokatni.NET itself does not provide any services.

Special Thanks

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